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Rules of execution of the Master thesis

Defense of the Master thesis is held in the State board of examiners. According to the results of the defense Master degree is assigned to a student.

List of the State board of examiners for Master thesis defend (2015 year):

Chairman: DSc, academician of the National Academy of Science of Belarus Aleksandr V. Bildyukevich

Members: DSc, professor Oleg I. Shadyro; DSc, academician of NASB Anatolii I. Lesnikovich; DSc, professor Sergey M. Leshchov; PhD, associate professor Tatsiana A. Savitskaya; PhD, associate professor Dmitry A. Astashko; PhD Yury V. Nechepurenko

Secretary: PhD Natalia E. Boboriko


Topics of the Master theses of the students in 2014-2015 year

Apanasevich N.S. Synthesis and investigation of thermal resistant composite materials based on solid phosphate bindings 
Blizniuk E.S.
Synthesis of C1-C6 building blocks of epothilone and sagopilone
Kozyrevich M.E.
Photoelectrochemistry of nanostructured bismuth oxoiodide
Korotkaya A.G.
Influence of the membrane composition on the functioning operating range of H+-selective electrodes based on the neutral carrying agents of amine character
Kulinkina A.N. Free radical processes of destruction of sphingolipids and glycerophospholipids
Malashchenok N.V.
Electrodeposition and properties investigation of nanoparticles of semiconductor chalcogenides and metals in nanotubes of wide-band-gap oxides
Grinko O.N.
Extraction of anabolic steroids from biological medium on the analytical stage of doping control
Masiuk V.S.
Diethylacetal 3-bromomethyl-3-butenal in reactions of asymmetric allylation. Use in the synthesis of antineoplastic drugs
Nikishev P.A.
Synthesis of partially biodegradable di- and multiblock-copolymers based on styrene, isobutylene and D,L-lactide
Shuliak A.S.
Influence of silica sol on the regularity of copper electrochemical deposition on the productions from zinc and its alloys, structure and properties of the coatings
Reznikov I.V.
Obtaining and physical chemical properties of the activated coals based on the hydrolytic lignin


Results of the defense of Master theses (2015 year): "10" – six Master students, "9" – three Master students, "8" – one Master student, "7" – one Master student.



Topics of the Master theses of the students in 2015-2016 year 

Aliaksei Aliakseyeu
Influence of ion-to-electron transducer on functioning of all-solid state ion selective electrodes
Vladimir Baraev Influence of different quinones and nitroimodazoles on cyt c dependent fragmentation of cardiolipin
Anastasiya Buzuk Extraction of carvacrol and other related valuable substances from the thyme herb
Ekaterina Kejun  Complex compounds with tetrazole-based chelating ligands of some 3d-metals: synthesis, structure and properties
Vasya Komlik Synthesis and properties of multifunctional N-substituted tetrazoles
Alexander Logvinovich Synthesis, structure and properties of composite coatings “nickel-transition metal particles”
Lubov  Sadovskaya Photoinduced processes in film photocatalysts based on oxide nanoheterostructures
Alesia Sushkova Study of the effect of antioxidants on the kinetic parameters of oxidation of the main components of biodiesel
Tatiana Shulga
Preparation and study of heat-resistant composite materials based on solid silicate binder