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The Faculty of Chemistry of the Belarusian  State University provides two specialities of the Master's Course:

1-31 80 06 Chemistry (in the end of the education Master of Science degree in Chemistry is assigned)

Entrance to the Master's Course of the Faculty of Chemistry of BSU is governed by the Admission policy to the institutions of higher education of the Republic of Belarus and by the Admission procedure to the master courses of the Belarusian State University.

According to the Enrolment plan to the master courses of the Belarusian State University in 2021 in the Faculty of Chemistry for Chemistry speciality 16 state-financed full-time tuition positions were planned. For non-citizens of the Republic of Belarus education in Master courses is for a fee. After graduating the student is given Internationally Recognized Master’s diploma.

The duration of Master studies in BSU in Chemistry Faculty for foreign citizens is 1 year.

In accordance with the Republic of Belarus educational legal system citizens of Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan have a right to get Master degree in BSU on the following conditions:

  • studying for free or paying tuition fee as the Belarusian citizens do;
  • on the conditions foreseen for foreign citizens temporarily staying or residing in the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter – “foreign citizens”) – based on the results of final assessment after obtaining educational program for people going to apply for higher education and an interview establishing their level of Russian in the amount enough for studying for Master’s degree.



Documents acceptance for studying for Master’s degree in BSU as foreign citizens is held from June, 8 till October, 1.

Foreign citizens of visa-free countries come to Belarus to apply for studies with educational documents themselves, discussing terms, specialty, thesis curator in advance with the administration of the faculty they are going to apply to.

Foreign citizens from visa countries send their documents copies via mail (hard copy) in order to check them first with the faculty administration. Documents copies are sent to the university via mail with the mark “For studies”. Please note that documents sent by fax or e-mail are not taken into consideration! Invitation for studies is made only after documents consideration and their check at the faculty and BSU Admission Committee.



In order to get to the Master’s program in BSU the applicants should hand in the following documents to the Department of International relations:

1. Application form addressed to the higher education establishment’s head in the agreed form (the form is to be found on BSU web-site and in the Department of International relations). Visa countries fill in a questionnaire for application, and they fill in the application form itself after coming to the country;

2. Original document of obtaining higher education which is equivalent to the 1 grade of higher education in Belarus with enumeration of all the studied subjects and marks achieved in them or the supplement to it;

3. Copy of the translation of the educational document of obtaining higher education verified by the notary which is equivalent to the 1 grade of higher education in Belarus with enumeration of all the studied subjects and marks achieved in them or the supplement to it;

4. Passport;

5. Copy of passport translation verified by the notary (the translation has to be done in Belarus);

6. Medical conclusion on health state and HIV-negative certificate, issued by the country’s official authority where the candidate comes from;

7. 4 photos 3x4 cm;

8. Medical conclusion issued by the health care organization of the Republic of Belarus (after going through the obligatory medical check from the higher education establishment);

8. Certificate on completing the Pre-university faculty or pre-university courses of any university.

At the same time the translation into the Russian language should be enclosed to all the documents which are executed in foreign language.



Enrollment to Master studies in BSU is done based on the applicant’s interview with the faculty administration, defining his or her level of Russian, appointing thesis curator and duration of studies.

If the decision on the sent documents is positive, for visa countries the official invitation is sent to the consular department of the Republic of Belarus where the applicant lives - the ground for getting a visa. The term necessary for making an invitation is 15 days since the time of positive decision made by BSU Admission Committee. The interview is held after the applicant comes to Belarus.

The invitation and studying visa are made on a fee basis.  The invitation is paid for after arriving to the university. Consular fee for visa is paid at the place of visa obtaining.

More information for foreign applicants is available here.